Wednesday Addams Viral Girl

After releasing Jenna Ortega's most recent web series Wednesday, a dance scene of the series gone viral all over internet

Lady Gaya Bloody Mary song used in all viral videos of Wednesday Addams

Not even Wednesday series, she already worked in many horror movies like Scream 5, Insidious 2 etc.

But after popular Netflix series Wednesday, Jenna Ortega start gaining more popularity in the film industry

Now Wednesday Addams become second most popular English web series on Netflix

The Addams is a fictional family created by American cartoonist Charles Addams

But now director Tim Burton spinoff The Addams Family into web series Wednesday Addams

Viewers of Wednesday comments that Jenna Ortega is perfect cast for Wednesday Addams

Another version of Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday dance video currently viral on social media platforms is performed by an underwater performer named Kristina Makushenko

Image: kristimakusha