HBO confirmed The Last of Us Season 2

Most popular series in the first month of the year - The Last of Us is now renewed for next season 2

This HBO series is based on a video game and maximum scenes are similar like The Last of Us Part 1

That's why only gamers have full power to spoil everything about the HBO series without seeing upcoming episodes

For now although season 2 is renewed, but still we can't expect it's release before 2024

According to HBO official tweet "The journey continues. The Last Of Us will return for another season on HBOMax"

For non gamers who can't wait for the TV series season 2, they can play the video game "The last of Us" to explore more

Even while watching the series, gamers may notice many spin-off scenes and characters from the original game

The Last of Us season 1 has nine episodes, with one episode released every Monday on Disney Plus Hotstar.